Some like their ACV hot!

by Tina

French translation

This is my 4th day taking ACV. Within the past year, I've gained weight, and now can only fit in one pair of my old jeans, only because they are the stretchy kind!

I have noticed I feel lighter, not so bloated, and my only pair of jeans isn't so uncomfortably tight.

I seem to be visiting the bathroom a lot more, and to have a better state of mind.
I however hate the taste of vinegar, and have found a wonderful way to hide the taste of it, but you have to like things hot (spicy).

I put 2 tablespoons ACV into about 3/4 to a cup of spicy V8. Then shake some more hot sauce into that. I use Tapatio hot sauce. I can actually sit down and enjoy this drink, without being hassled by that vinegar taste.

I'm looking forward to a good outcome.

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