Strangles Swelling Reduced with ACV

by Deborah
(Silver Springs, Nevada USA)

French translation

I had 2 fillies that were 1 year and 18 months old.

At first I thought my arabian gelding kicked my 1 year old then I noticed her pouch under her chin swelling, strangles oh no.

I called my vet, the one on call wouldn't come out unless I gave him 150 cash and payday wasn't until Friday.
I offered my new saddle to hold, he wouldn't do it and my vet couldn't be contacted.

So I broke out the vet book.
Strangles-strepthroat cure for humans is acv same infection in horses so I grabbed my bottle and she drank it out of my hands.

I washed everything down with it and put a bunch in their 100 gallon tank too.

By that night the swelling in the pouch was down she didn't need me to hold her head and the other two never came down with it.

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