The benefits of rosemary and acv for my hair

by Rose
(Lancaster, California, USA)

French translation

My hair used to be dry and unmanageable.

I was using shampoo and conditioner everyday...

I have a huge rosemary bush growing on the side of my house and never really had any use for it, so I went on the internet and looked it up and found a rosemary-apple cider vinegar hair treatment that was real easy to make!

All I do is condition the bottom half of my bra strap length hair, rinse, then apply the mixture. I leave it in, don't rinse, just squeeze out the excess, and I'm done!

It works as a leave in conditioner making my hair very manageable and soft!

Not shampooing everyday has made a big difference too, I'll do it maybe once or twice a week because of the oil.

Since using acv, I haven't had to flat iron my hair either, its not all out of control the way it used to be.
And if I want to go all natural, my curls are soft and curlier.

Its only been about a week, but I am definitely enjoying the benefits of rosemary and acv!!

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