Treating Open Wounds with ACV

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We had a horse that got hooked in the shoulder by a bull. It was a deep puncture wound.

Washing it every day and applying the following healed it with no scarring.

Mix apple cider vinegar with black pepper to make a paste.
Apply to the wound and wrap if possible (not necessary).
Will heal quickly without scar tissue or proud flesh.

This also works for any cut or abrasion.

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Mar 23, 2022
Cuts / bites on face
by: Sylvia

I have used Fine-Ground Black Pepper on face wounds on my horse and my dogs.
They healed with barely any scars.

I have also used it on my own face and fingers for cuts. (I did not use the ACV though, as I only became aware of that option on these pages.)

I had a spray bottle of Witch Hazel / Tea Tree Oil on hand. Cleaned the wounds with this, blotted with paper towels, then re-sprayed to make damp in order to hold the black pepper.
I swear by this solution.

The pepper: NUMBS, DISINFECTS, & CAUTERIZES the cuts.

Jul 09, 2017
What kind of black pepper
by: Anonymous

I broke up my 2 dogs that attacked each other last night.
One dog has puncture wounds on the neck and my hand is riddled with puncture wounds.

I made the paste but all I had was coarse pepper. I mixed with the vinegar but it was crumbling off so I put a gauze around her head.
Was I supposed to use fine pepper? I'll purchase that tomorrow.

Thanks.. Im praying it works.

Nov 19, 2015
PUncture Wound
by: Anonymous

Does this work just topically?

Jun 21, 2015
ACV & black pepper for deep/open wound
by: SB 4 horse mom

I've used this to treat scrapes to missing muscle!

Apply to deep wounds also, it helps the tissue granulate
and draws it back together. Don't let heal a bit first, hose
deep wounds until they bleed just a little then apply.

Do daily until healed. It also keeps flies off wound!!

Sep 17, 2009
Question about the ACV and black pepper combination for proud flesh
by: Anonymous

WOW - this is an awesome idea and combination to keep on hand in the emergency kit.

Question though, did you apply the combination immediately to the wound or let it heal a little first? I wondered about it burning an open wound. Please advise.

Thanks, Mom47horses

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