Tuna and Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

by Tristan
(London, England)

French translation

At a previous workplace I got told by a colleague who was very health conscious about apple cider vinegar, he would eat a can of tuna with about a shots worth if not a little more of apple cider vinegar and he said the vinegar metabolises fat, also on top of this he added that grapefruit afterwards is a great addition as the acids in grapefruit break down the protein.

So I'm quite a big guy and find it hard to lose weight just by eating healthily but in the past 3 months, every day I would eat a bowl of special K with skimmed milk and banana for breakfast, come 1:30pm I would then have a bowl of salad leaves with a can of tuna and maybe 1 or 2 shots worth of apple cider vinegar on top, then a regular meal in the evening.
On top of this I swim for half an hour each day.

The results were good, I have lost just under 2 stone in the last 3 months, even though I was swimming every day I wasn't losing MUCH weight before when I was just eating healthily but since I started eating tuna with cider vinegar my weight has been going down much more successfully.

Bare in mind after eating it every day for lunch for 3 months it does get a bit tiring... But that is the price you have to pay for a slimmer body.

I hope this story helps :)

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