Vinegar and organic soap kills ticks on dogs

by Raven Sati

French translation

We live in a Bangkok neighborhood that has many trees and flowering plants and almost everybody has at least one dog in their yard.

Our dog picked up ticks whenever she went out and we even found them in the house.

Recently I read about mixing white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio by volume with plain antibacterial liquid soap for dog washing.

Now if our dog has ticks they die during her wash and fall off into the suds or rinse water. Also she smells better, her hair seems softer, and she doesn't nibble on her feet like she used to.

If you live in a tick area, I advise bathing dogs this way at least once a week, even more often if you need to.

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Dec 11, 2014
by: Eggyn

Wow, this is indeed one of the most helpful tips that I have gotten from somewhere recently.

I had issue with my dog rocky for a while as his skin has such rashes and after trying as per what you said, it really was cured.

May 23, 2012
Invasion of Ticks
by: Esther Hialeah

I made my own shampoo, some Dawn (laundry detergent) and vinegar and washed my dog and they started to disappear.

I also made a spray for in between: water and vinegar, and to my surprise, it is working.
I had purchased Adams Dip (for fleas & ticks) and it did not work for the ticks, but vinegar seems to be doing it!

Thank you for posting.

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