Vinegar helped a fungus problem on my Dog!

by Kelly
(Rancho Mirage, California)

Mimi -- Toy Fox Terrier

Mimi -- Toy Fox Terrier

French translation

A couple months ago, i noticed that my little dog started developing roundish bald areas on her coat. One on her front leg, one on her back leg and one on her back/ribs.

The spots were about as big as a quarter. That's pretty big for her, as she is an 8 lb Toy Fox Terrier.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that it looked like a fungal infection. I know that Apple Cider Vinegar gets rid of Fungus on Human toes, so i tried it on my dog.

I bathed her in a Vinegar/Water rinse every day. (no soap--just water and ACV) I also blotted each spot with pure ACV approx 2-3x per day. The spots began to lose the redness and the hair grew back within a week!

Now she has a fungus spot on her lower lip that is very stubborn. I am treating it with ACV also. The redness has disappeared and the swelling has gone down.

I keep a couple gallons of ACV in my kitchen! I am very thankful as it saved me lots of money to the Vet and saved her from being exposed to antibiotics and harmful anti-fungal creams.


Now, I need to figure out how to give it to her in her diet. She won't drink water with vinegar in it!

After this 2nd round of fungus, we have sworn off the local dog park!

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Jan 07, 2023
black spotted fungus NEW
by: Valerie

My dog has big spots on his body that when you rub him or scratch him, little, tiny specks fall off like pepper, he is shitzo and brussles griffen.
Will vinegar help and or what can we do to help him. He scratchs a lot.

Jun 15, 2012
by: Mimi&MilosMom

Well fungus isn’t ALWAYS from the diet.

In the story above, my dog picked it up at THE DOG PARK. Not her diet (Halo small dog bites & homemade organic dog food mix) or her harness.

I hand wash my doggie’s harnesses frequently. I also figured out that a small amount of ACV can be added to their food. I add a small amount – approx. 1/4 tsp to 1.5 cups of dog food once/week.

The other added benefit is that it's good for the stomach. In the wild, dogs will eat rotten fruit on the ground. By then, it has formed a crude vinegar via the rotting process. They instinctively do this to keep a balance in their stomach due to the other foods they scavenge. Makes sense to add a little to an urban doggy diet now and then! :D

Mar 12, 2012
Problem collars??
by: Booboo Loon

I have two boxer dogs, but I am not happy with their collars.
Will you please give me some information about dog’s collars.

Apr 12, 2010
Fungal infections are caused by too much carbs in food
by: Sharon

I can tell you that when a dog has repeat fungal need to look at the diet. Carbs in the diet are the biggest culprit. Add a grain-free food, and you will be amazed at what happens!!!

Nov 13, 2009
Fungus lives in collar
by: Anonymous

When a dog gets a fungus it can sometimes continue to live in the dog's collar or harness even after the dog is cured.

This means the problem will keep coming back again and again.

It's always worthwhile to wash the collar/harness and anything else the dog has regular contact with, e.g. soft toys, soft dog bed in the washing machine with a bleach solution during and after treatment. Check the instructions for correct use of bleach.

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