Vinegar stops cats from urinating on furniture

by Nicole
(Flint Mi)

I love him so much more now that he's not wrecking my house

I love him so much more now that he's not wrecking my house

French translation

I have a cat that is 2 years old and when he turned a year old he started urinating all over my home.

I knew that it was because he needed to be fixed but I did not have the money laying around to it right then and there. So I got online and looked up ways to clean cat pee from furniture.

I came across a site that said vinegar could be used as a deterrent as well.

I was very skeptical but my husband had said if I didn’t stop it, we had to get rid of him. So I went to the store and bought some vinegar and mixed it 50/50 with warm water.

First I sprayed down my sofa and amazingly it cleaned away all the smell. Then I set out to spray it over every square inch of my house. I sprayed it throughout the house for 2 weeks until I got the money to fix him and never had to clean up pee again – until we got a puppy who was also marking. So I busted out the vinegar and sprayed it again and no more puppy pee. It is a miracle.

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