WOW, 11 lbs lost in 6 days using ACV!!

by Gina

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I am AMAZED at what ACV can do!!

I got on the scale this morning feeling like I might have lost some weight, but never thought it was going to reflect an 11 lbs loss. WOW!!

For the past week I've been incorporating 3 main changes in my life:
1. Taking ACV 3 times a day.
2. Eating 5-6 smaller portioned meals a day.
3. Using coconut oil and coconut milk in my cooking.

I'm trying to lose the 50 lbs I put on this year from relocating and stress. I can't believe I'm well on my way there.

It can't just be water weight that I loss either because my stomach has gone down significantly. Plus, my sister commented how my pants looked like they were fitting looser (instead of looking painted on). I feel SO much better, my energy levels are through the roof, and my mind is clearer.

I have a FIERCE sweet tooth. If I could eat donuts, cookies, and anything else similar everyday ALL me I would. To my surprise this week of drinking the ACV has significantly curbed my sweet tooth. I think I might have candida, but the ACV is definitely taming it.

If you are thinking about trying ACV my recommendation is to DO IT TODAY!! I take the Bragg's brand of ACV with the "mother" in it. I put a splash (2tbs) of ACV in my grapefruit juice or water. I do it upon waking up, then before lunch, and last before bedtime.

I feel full after drinking it and love the instant boost of energy I get. I'm more motivated to eat fruits and veggies in my diet.

ACV is something I'll definitely continue to drink. All the medicinal benefits of ACV keep me excited that I'm giving my body something that will keep me healthy for many years to come.

Btw...I also use it in my hair to clean my scalp of build-up and to condition it. I make a facial mask with it using an all-natural powder clay. Sometimes I'll use it as a toner for my face too, which has helped zap zits that pop up from time to time. My face has never looked better.

ACV people...USE IT!!

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May 04, 2015
Using ACV
by: Anonymous

I am chubby and Doctor advised me to reduce my weight. When I started using ACV I too reduced my weight by 10 lbs.

Exercise can also help you to reduce your weight.

Dec 04, 2011
by: Cherry (Florida) USA

Hi guys, I am a female age 31 and today weigh 220 lbs. I went from 160 lbs doing fad diets and had rapid weight gain after I stopped. I know that if I go the natural way and do my own thing I will keep the weight off and feel better.

A week ago I was 225.6. I have started the supermarket diet where I eat my meals and snacks in portion size. One of my days includes cereal and fruits for breakfast, tuna wrap for lunch a fruit for snack and whole wheat pasta with ground beef for dinner.

Since I've started doing that and exercising for 30 minutes, I've been feeling great. I have been drinking this natural tea called MORINGA OLEIFERA and occasionally drink CHIA SEEDS, these are all natural stuff. The moringa comes in powder, tea bags and capsules. The products are made from grounded moringa leaves. You can research them on line and you will be amazed by the health benefits. These are a 100% pure products.

I'm now including the apple cider to my water and hoping to see better results and feel better. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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