Your ACV weight loss testimonies are inspiring

by Leisonna

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Hi, I'm Leisonna and I'm from Barbados...that's in the Caribbean.

I had always had an issue with weight, this time I'm bigger than I've ever been in my life.

I recently found out about ACV, by a cousin who was way bigger than I am, and now she is slim enough to model. I didn't even realize the weight falling off her...technically I'm still in shock, lol.

And so today I decided to research about apple cider vinegar via internet before using it, and that research led me to this site. I'm glad it did.

Just reading some of the testimonies of persons who wrote about their weight loss, the struggles they had and their then success has been very inspiring to me.

Actually I'm waiting until I get off work to go and purchase a bottle of ACV this evening.

In about two weeks I will be back to give everyone an up date.

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Mar 19, 2017
Just beginning
by: Anonymous

I have been struggling with diabetes and my weight for a few years now.

I finally lost enough weight to come off my insulin, however I gained some back over the winter.

I am 42 years old, I'm 5'7" I weight 161 lbs. I am looking to drop down to about 130 lbs.

I am going to begin this Apple Cider Vinegar diet tomorrow, I can't stomach much due to having stomach cancer, however I will be trying this and I will let you all know how and if I make out.

I read all your stories and wish you all the best, its not easy losing weight.

Jul 30, 2012
Starting ACV 7/29/12 for weight loss & diabetes
by: Esther

I started using ACV tonight to help lower my fasting blood sugar levels. To my pleasant surprise, I was introduced to this site and the testimonies have been extremely motivating.

My doctor told me two weeks ago that I should lose weight. As of tonight I weighed 165.4 and I need to go down to 147.

I will do two tbsp of ACV before bedtime for my diabetes and one tbsp before my meals everyday.

I am actually excited to see the results. I will come back in about two weeks to let everyone know my results.

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