You've Got to Try ACV for Weight Loss - Works Great for Me!

by Micki
(Chicagoland, USA)

Losing weight with ACV even on a Cruise

Losing weight with ACV even on a Cruise

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I'm 55 and tried everything you can think of to lose weight, anything that worked was temporary and showed little in the way of results, a pound or two usually or in the case of a Atkins, 6 pounds in 3 months.

I started taking ACV in March, it is now May and I am down 11 pounds! I was on a cruise for a week in April and took ACV pills during this time and I lost weight! Believe me, I didn't starve myself. I normally gain a pound a day on cruises.

ACV has also taken away my urge to binge and now when I'm full, I feel full. What a wonder this is! If nothing else works for you try ACV, it's inexpensive and effective, what more can anyone ask for?

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