ACV and Stones in Horses

by TW
(South Dakota, USA)

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My horse got stones as a two year old and my vet told me no more alfalfa for him ever !!!!!!!

Then I was talking to an old rancher and he told me about adding ACV to his grain. I have been doing it now for 18 years !!!!!!!!!!! and no more stones or sand even in his stools.

Firm believer I am.

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Alfalfa hay, especially alfalfa from California, contains high amounts of magnesium and protein. An excessive amount of free ammonium may be released from the digestion of high protein hay like alfalfa. (At the university of California /Davis it was found that most of the horses with intestinal stones called "enteroliths" had a diet of 50% alfalfa hay!)

To help prevent enteroliths from forming, researchers at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine suggest that you decrease intestinal pH levels by adding one cup (250 ml) of vinegar a day to your horses diet. (unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar would do fine)


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Feb 07, 2019
ACV every day keeps the vet away as well as Enteroliths.
by: M Hebner (Fallbrook CA - USA)

I dilute 2 cups of ACV into a quart of water and this is what I pour over Timothy pellets to soak.

Once the pellets have soaked up all of the liquid I portion it out to my two horses and one donkey and this mush is what I mix their supplements into.

I’m in Southern California and I’ve done this for years because Enteroliths are a big problem here.

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